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Location! Location! Location! ~ Deep Creek Commons
April 14, 2014

Fun lives in Chesapeake, VA; more specifically, Deep Creek commons! When you hear Chesapeake, many VA residents immediately associate this amazing town with the birth of the United States of America, a place where the Virginia Civil War Trials occurred, where in 1775 the Battle of Great Bridge occurred amongst other highly significant historical events. Although this may be true, Chesapeake is indeed a city full of prestigious history, there are other things Chesapeake has to offer its residents and Deep Creek Commons is one of them. When looking for a home, not just a temporary place to lay my head; but an actual home, there are three things that I look for specifically: Spaciousness, Cost-effectiveness and the quality of the neighborhood itself. A quiet condo community where three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms gave me more than I could ask for. If I could tell you my actual feelings and how amazed I was by what Deep Creek had to offer both interior and exterior you probably would not believe me. Another aspect that attracted me to Deep Creek Commons was the location, I was given options, the option to easily travel to the attractions in downtown Portsmouth or Norfolk without hassle due to the easy access to interstates 64 and 264. In all, Deep Creek Commons gave me a soothing feeling with a centralized location that provided me with gateways to other features of the Hampton Roads community. [gallery]

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Lake Meade Estates: The new center of attraction for Suffolk
April 2, 2014

2051 Sweetwood Drive [gallery] To the contrary of what people may think Suffolk is a phenomenal city full of opportunity and Moody Homes gives it another reason for people to move to this amazing city. You don’t always see a home that you’re content with instantly, or even a feeling of “this is it!” Well how about this, place yourself in my situation. I am a senior in College, graduating soon (May 9th to be exact), have been living in on-campus housing since my freshman year (2009), and the closest thing resembling a luxurious home that I’ve seen has probably been the surrounding homes located in Park Place around campus. So you would think that anything outside of the normal campus complexes may appeal to me and I’ll be content, right? Wrong! Prior to seeing Lake Meade Estates I was kind of iffy because there was only open field waiting for a home to be built, but then I began to use my imagination and create once I had seen the model home. Using all of the features the featured model, The Cabernet, had to offer, I began to envision a dream home. A home where the fireplace located in the master room could be used for family soothing time, one of the bedrooms could be turned filled with memorabilia full of my high school memories, family pictures, and past or present accomplishments. The master bedroom also gave me the opportunity to access a patio and view the beauty of Mother Nature and all its entirety. The amount of space that I was given made me not feel cluttered and the fact that it was an ALL Brick home made it more appealing to me. Ms. Pat Morgan was right- Lake Meade Estates is in fact one of the premier housing communities and I would recommend this community to any two-parent home or single navy men and/or women who want to enjoy the luxuries of an upscale home without paying too much.  

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