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Market Update from Nick Russo
March 21, 2014

YIKES, WHAT HAPPENED?? Wednesday we saw bonds take a dive following comments by Fed Chair Janet Yellen in her first Q&A session. The Fed statement and her comments sent Bonds and Stocks into a plunge. This caused rates to jump up. Stocks and bonds cut some losses and limped into the close. The past 2 days the bond market has struggled to try and recover some of the losses but with no real success. This is a clear sign of the volatility and the impact missing one day can have on rates. Clients who have entered into a purchase contract have the ability to watch the market with me as their Lending advisor and lock at the right time, clients who have NOT, CAN NOT! With the damage done the current recommendation is to float and allow some stability to come back in the bond market. With tensions increasing between Russia and the US this could cause some bond market recovery as investors run to the safety of bonds! Things can change fast, use me for advice, For more info contact Nick Russo today! Nick Russo Vice President Towne Mortgage - Your Hometown Mortgage Lender Email: Phone: 757-241-0858

Now that’s what I call Southern Hospitality!
March 18, 2014

Saddle Brook Estates If I could Summarize Suffolk, Virginia in one word it would have to be Life- a city full of life! Home to several well-known actors and political figures, it seemed like Suffolk was the heart of substance and the addition of SaddleBrooke Estates made this city even more worth the while. I have always heard about the advantages of southern-styled community homes, but never in Virginia... until now. Full of an abundance of activities to engage in, SaddleBrook offers that “Southern Hospitality” feeling that no other community could offer me. As I stepped outside of my car to view the neighborhood, a nearby neighbor who just happened to be walking her dog approached me with the biggest smile. After explaining to her who I was and what my task at hand was she immediately extended an invitation into her home to enjoy a drink, that instantly brightened my day. Even though I respectfully declined her offer, we began to ponder about the neighborhood and converse about an unusual topic. Now when I say unusual, I’m not saying anything strange, it just wasn’t the usual conversation about the vicinity of the neighborhood but rather more about enjoying life and living. Then that’s when it hit me, growing up I had always wanted to live somewhere where having a good relationship with your neighbor was a necessity to ensure both happiness and safety...This was it! The sky was a different color blue, the sun shined brighter, the neighbors made you feel superb, not to mention the nearest schools were in walking distance to add to that great Southern atmosphere. Love at first sight is what I called it. From the minute I entered this community until the moment I left, I was welcomed with nothing less than open arms that only made the five bedroom homes more appealing. SaddleBrook Estates would be somewhere in the near future where southern rural style living meets the urban experience- the best of both worlds!

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Out with the Olde, In with the New
March 10, 2014

Location: Olde Mill Creek, 2111 Turtle Pond Ct. Right now it is 5:00 pm, I began to check my calendar and it hit me Graduation is soon approaching which means?? You guessed it- no more campus housing. Whop Whop! The real world was quickly approaching and I needed to find a home fast, somewhere secluded but not too far from my friends and family. Also, somewhere where the neighbors greeted you when you both went to get your mail in the morning. A home near the highway so that I could travel back and forth from graduate school without any hassle. Still nothing came to mind, until one day I visited Suffolk to catch up with an old friend. I saw signs pointing to a group homes that led me to 2111 Turtle Pond Ct, immediately an immaculate feeling came over me. It was as if a wave had come and washed away all of my worries and concerns leaving me with a peace of mind. As I viewed the surrounding homes, one thing seemed to catch my eyes, a lake. When I first laid eyes upon this lake, the aspect of fishing entered me without a doubt. I have always wanted to live near a beach but who needs a beach with you have a private lake in the vicinity of your own home that can also be used for recreational activities! The model I viewed definitely was a sight to see as it not only provided a central location, with a much needed home, ready for me to move into, but also a safe haven where myself and others can enjoy the commodities of an upscale Lake Resort without leaving the outskirts of my front yard. The search was over, my old living conditions were soon to be gone and new beginnings were ahead of me. 

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