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Are You Working S.M.A.R.T?
November 11, 2013

Overwhelmed? Over-stressed? Over-scheduled? Overloaded? Constantly checking emails? Are Facebook & Twitter an essential part of your life? You may be busy, but productive.......not so much. One of the best ways to become productive and gain significant daily results is to write a To-Do list. At the end of the day, I start my list for the following day. It only takes a couple minutes to write the list and frees up my mind so I can enjoy my time off. What GOALS do you want to accomplish today, this week, this month? Prioritize. In sales, we use an A,B,C rating method for our prospects. The same holds true for your To-Do list. Rate the tasks by importance. Focus on completing the task list. I get a lot of satisfaction from crossing things off the list. Write down the things you need to do everyday and make them a part of the list; this will help you create a daily routine. Yes, a To-Do list is a simple tool but it's powerful. It'll help you feel in control of what may seem like a huge number of demands on your time. A To-Do list is no more or less than a written list of GOALS. In Ken Blanchard's book, The One Minute Manager, he refers to goals using the S.M.A.R.T acronym; S -Specific: who, what when, why, where M - Measurable: numeric or descriptive measures to define quality, quantity, etc. A - Achievable: within your control and influence R - Relevant: how will it help you obtain your goals and objectives? T - time: target date for completion - today, this week, next month... The secret to getting more things done is simple, write a To-Do list everyday!   Thanks to Sherry Maser of William E. Wood and Associates RealtorsĀ® New Homes Division. This article was originally published in November's RealtorĀ® Magazine. Click here to visit HRRA's website!